Paws and Claws

Pop QuizLonely Devil

13 May 2020 – 24 May 2020

Duration: 12 days


Full Moon

260,000 pts

Animal Game

212,000 pts

*Card have incomplete data.
My Animal

175,000 pts

*Card have incomplete data.
Animal Chaos

90,000 pts

Getting Foxy

26,000 pts

Giraffe Strike

18,000 pts

Demon Cards

Memory Cards


Chapter 1
Stage Rewards
1-2Gem (Pride)Watch (Pride)
1-5Gem (Wrath)Watch (Wrath)
1-6Gem (Gluttony)Watch (Gluttony)
1-8Gem (Greed)Watch (Greed)
1-9Gem (Envy)Watch (Envy)
1-11Gem (Lust)Watch (Lust)
1-12Gem (Pride)Watch (Pride)
1-15Gem (Sloth)Mug (Sloth)
1-16Gem (Wrath)Mug (Wrath)
1-18Gem (Lust)Mug (Lust)
1-20Gem (Sloth)Mug (Sloth)
1-21Gem (Greed)Mug (Greed)
1-23Gem (Envy)Mug (Envy)
Chapter 2
Stage Rewards
2-1Gem (Pride)Mug (Pride)
2-3Gem (Gluttony)Sports Drink (Gluttony)
2-4Gem (Wrath)Sports Drink (Wrath)
2-6Gem (Envy)Sports Drink (Envy)
2-7Gem (Greed)Sports Drink (Greed)
2-9Gem (Sloth)Sports Drink (Sloth)
2-10Gem (Pride)Sports Drink (Pride)
2-13Gem (Lust)Sports Drink (Lust)
2-15Gem (Sloth)Sunglasses (Sloth)
2-17Gem (Envy)Sunglasses (Envy)
2-18Gem (Gluttony)Sunglasses (Gluttony)
2-21Gem (Lust)Sunglasses (Lust)
2-22Gem (Greed)Sunglasses (Greed)