Absolute Zero

Pop Quiz

2 February 2024 – 22 February 2024

Duration: 21 days


Frost Flowers for You
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As Long As It's Beautiful
*Card have incomplete data.
Hat Mischief
*Card have incomplete data.
Memories Like Snowflakes
*Card have incomplete data.
A Nostalgic Scent
*Card have incomplete data.
So Sparkly!
*Card have incomplete data.
A Warm Home
*Card have incomplete data.
In Sync With You
*Card have incomplete data.

Demon Cards

Memory Cards


Chapter 1
Stage Rewards
1-2Gem (Pride)Mug (Pride)
1-4Gem (Greed)Mug (Greed)
1-6Gem (Envy)Mug (Envy)
1-8Gem (Wrath)Mug (Wrath)
1-9Gem (Lust)Mug (Lust)
1-11Gem (Gluttony)Mug (Gluttony)
1-13Gem (Sloth)Mug (Sloth)
1-15Gem (Pride)Secret Story Key (Frost)
1-16Gem (Greed)Sunglasses (Greed)
1-18Gem (Envy)Sunglasses (Envy)
1-BGem (Lust)Secret Story Key (Frost)
1-DGem (Gluttony)Secret Story Key (Frost)
Chapter 2
Stage Rewards
2-2Gem (Pride)Sunglasses (Pride)
2-4Gem (Wrath)Sunglasses (Wrath)
2-6Gem (Lust)Sunglasses (Lust)
2-7Gem (Gluttony)Sunglasses (Gluttony)
2-9Gem (Sloth)Sunglasses (Sloth)
2-11Gem (Greed)Notebook (Greed)
2-13Gem (Envy)Notebook (Envy)
2-14Gem (Wrath)Notebook (Wrath)
2-16Gem (Lust)Notebook (Lust)
2-18Gem (Gluttony)Notebook (Gluttony)
2-AGem (Greed)Secret Story Key (Holiday)
2-CGem (Lust)Secret Story Key (Frost)
2-EGem (Wrath)Secret Story Key (Frost)
2-GGem (Greed)Secret Story Key (Frost)
Chapter 3
Stage Rewards
3-2Gem (Sloth)Notebook (Sloth)
3-4Gem (Pride)Notebook (Pride)
3-6Gem (Gluttony)Lipstick (Gluttony)
3-8Gem (Lust)Lipstick (Lust)
3-10Gem (Wrath)Lipstick (Wrath)
3-12Gem (Envy)Lipstick (Envy)
3-14Gem (Greed)Lipstick (Greed)
3-16Gem (Pride)Lipstick (Pride)
3-AGem (Gluttony)Secret Story Key (Frost)
3-CGem (Wrath)Secret Story Key (Frost)
3-FGem (Lust)Secret Story Key (Frost)
3-GGem (Pride)Secret Story Key (Frost)
Chapter 4
Stage Rewards
4-1Gem (Sloth)Lipstick (Sloth)
4-3Gem (Greed)Secret Story Key (Frost)
4-5Gem (Gluttony)Secret Story Key (Frost)
4-7Gem (Envy)Secret Story Key (Frost)
4-10Gem (Greed)Secret Story Key (Frost)
4-12Gem (Envy)Secret Story Key (Frost)
4-14Gem (Sloth)Secret Story Key (Frost)
4-16Gem (Pride)Secret Story Key (Frost)
4-18Gem (Envy)Secret Story Key (Frost)
4-20Gem (Sloth)Game Controller (Sloth)
4-BGem (Wrath)Game Controller (Wrath)
4-EGem (Lust)Game Controller (Lust)
4-GGem (Gluttony)Game Controller (Gluttony)
4-IGem (Greed)Game Controller (Greed)